Best Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) Pool Filters

What is a D.E Filter? Well, the D.E Filter for pools are the most efficient and inexpensive way to filter up your water pool. The D.E Filter can retain particles down to 3 microns, below of what eye can see. Very good for cleaning up your dirt or pathogens, viruses, etc. How it...

How to Clean a Pool Filter

Anybody who owns a pool knows that filters are key components of any filtration system. Few realize, however, the importance of maintaining a clean filter at all times. Within the next few minutes, we’re going to discuss the importance of regular cleaning and how to clean three...

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Intermatic P1353ME 3-Circuit Pool/Spa Digital Time Switch

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  • Easiest way to upgrade to digital
  • Designed for aftermarket retrofit applications       
  • 3 timed circuits
  • Up to 3 HP
  • LCD display
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