Best Pool Water pH Testers

What is a pool water pH meter? Well, first of all, a pH meter can be used in gardens, pools or laboratories. The pH meter is used to test the level of alkalinity and acidity which is present in a substance. A pH meter can measure very accurately the pH reading of a liquid,...

Best Swimming Pool Shock Treatment

If you own a swimming pool, than you surely know that you need to take care of the water that is in. Taking care of the water, will help you keep away the bacteria or the algae which will harm your water and you or to make your water cloudy. You can use some chemicals to keep it...

Best Pool pH Increaser and Decreaser Products

The pH increase and decrease of your swimming water pool, spa or even test field environments is crucial when you need to maintain a balanced pH level. Keeping a balanced water level is the most important thing when you own a swimming pool. This process is one of the most...

Best Swimming Pool Sanitizers

The swimming pool sanitization is the process which ensures you healthy conditions in swimming pools, plunge pools or hot tubs. A proper sanitization is needed to maintain the perfect visual clarity of your water and to prevent the transmission of infectious waterborne diseases....

Best Swimming Pool Covers – Winter and Summer

The pool covers are very important every season of the year. In the winter season, the pool covers are protecting your pool when it’s not in use, during the summer also, the pool covers helps you to keep debris and leaves out of the water and prevents the evaporation of the...

Best Automatic Pool Cleaners

Nowadays lots of automatic pool cleaners are out on the market. For a better idea, we will try to give you some tips for you to choose which one is the best automatic pool cleaner for you. An automatic pool cleaner is purely developed and intended to collect debris and other...

Best Handheld Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The pool vacuum cleaner is a requirement for you who own a pool and a perfect idea to own one for your pool. The pool vacuum cleaners come in many shapes and sizes, but they all do the same thing, making your job much easier. Some are made to suck up leaves before they sink to...

Best Swimming Pool Sand Filters

The pool sand filter is one of the most efficient way to filter your pool, due to its lowest maintenance required. You simply can open the filter up to 5 years, that’s why the pool sand filter it’s an efficient way to provide your cleanest water, since the other two filters...

Best Algaecide For Pools

What is an algaecide for pools? Let’s find out. The algaecide for pools is used to treat the algae in your pool. It’s a quick and easy method to remove algaecide from your swimming pool. Algaecide is a chemical treatment, specially created for fish ponds, swimming pools and other...

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

What is a robotic pool cleaner? Well a robotic pool cleaner is an automatic vacuum cleaner designed to clean the debris and other dirt from bottom of the pool or stairs without your intervention. So what’s best than a robotic pool cleaner? No intervention from you, no sweat, they...

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  • 3 timed circuits
  • Up to 3 HP
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